I'm just a kid
So don't be mad at me for what I did.
If I spilt my milk or dropped a cookie on the floor
Maybe my childhood clumsiness is something you should ignore.
But on the other hand if I was so bold as to sass you to your face
Perhaps a small spanking wouldn't be entirely out of place.
Cause if you spank me with your hand I ain't gonna die
But leave me to myself I might bring mama to shame and force her to cry.
Cause everyone knows foolishness is found in a kid's heart
But sometimes it takes a good spanking to help it depart.
For juvenile delinquency starts in the high chair
And ends in the death chair.
But on the other hand remember one unkind word or one very hard hit
Can make a kid take the underground bicycle, vacate the premises and split.
Yep, kids are great, you can't beat em.
So let's at least hope you don't try to beat them.
Cause if you would offend a kid as nice as me
It'd be better someone tie a big stone to your neck and toss you in the sea.
Because child abuse like blasphmey can cause a type of unforgiven sorrow
When you destroy a kid..
For us kids can...
That is if your are kind enough to give us a few toys.
And generally speaking
Kids can give a high rate of return on love.
For you see love...
Where there is love, the kid grows.
Cause you know us kids aren't here by accident.
Well, at least ...
A kid is the direct result of close cooperation of a man and woman in love.
The result of very
And since a kid is the result of the love and effort of both parents
They should be enjoyed ..
Because a close look at child abuse figures shed light on the fact
That kids of happy..
For without kids, that there would be no tomorrow is a fact we all know
And today...
Cause kids are God's vote that the world should go on
For without any...
And remember death and taxes don't always come when the time is right.
So when you fall in love...