Jesus Christ the Lord, King of the Jews and the Chosen One
Is the Prince of Life, Peace, and is Immanuel the Holy One.
He is the Messiah, Judge, Savior and Light of the world
And the only Way, Truth, and Life in the world.

Jesus Christ is the one Mediator between God and man
Our Advocate and Governor who sits at God’s right hand.
This Wonderful Counselor and Righteous Judge from above
Is the King of Kings who came with God’s truth and love.

Jesus of Nazareth so named to offer us forgiveness of all sin
Is the Lion of the tribe of all Judah’s women and men.
He is the Root and Offspring of David and our only chance
For this Rabbi came that we might have life in it's abundance.

Jesus the Head and Chief Cornerstone of the Church is to all
The Sun of Righteousness who came to fulfill the Law
He is the Resurrection being crucified as the scriptures have said
And three days later this King of the Saints was raised from the dead.

Jesus the Chief Shepherd said glorifying God and teaching us to love
Is what his message as the Word of Life consisted of.
This Teacher said "No man cometh to the Father but by me"
For He is our Horn of Salvation and Dayspring as we now see.

Jesus the Lamb of God by sacrificing His life on the cross
Became the Shepherd and Bishop of Souls, by paying the cost.
You must believe in the Word of Life who God did send
For if you don’t believe in the Faithful you will be condemned.

Jesus our Mighty God will confess us before the Father when
We confess His name as the Son of the Most High before men.
He is the Everlasting Father and the Morning Star who God did send
The Lord God Almighty whose eternal kingdom will never end.

Jesus the Alpha and Omega came with God's truth and love
The Author and Finisher of our Faith from above.
But when you think not is when our Master will come
Jesus Christ the Lord of Lords and God's Only Son.

R. L. Wagner III

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