© Copyright R. L. Wagner III 2003
All Rights Reserved

Girls, most of your games are listed below
Because it's about time all men know,
How to avoid the games girls play on a man,
And better obtain your love if they can.

Girl's once you know your games I have guessed,
I have one gamw to show you that's better than all the rest
But only with a life time could I show it to you
So until that time my poem and your games are through.

1.WOMEN'S LIBERATION is when girls ask for total rights and authority
With limited work and responsibility

2.REJECTION is when a girl puts a good man down
And just for...

3.MISREPRESENTATION is when is when a girl by padding, powder, and paint
Tries to....

4.SHOPPING is when you ask a girl for a date
But for her...

5.Gossip is when a girl to ruin your influence with men or women

6.A THEIF,and I make no new confession,
Is a girl who steals you possessions.

7.MISSING... is when you are in a girl's company,
And she detains you from...

8.STAND ALONE is when you need a girl's backing
She leaves you...,

9.CONFRONTATION is when you're in a girls company,
And she introduces you...

10.TARDY is when with a girl you have a date
You arrive...

11.CHASE is when a girl is looking for a place, event, or friend
Leads you on a...

12.SPENDING SPREE is when with your good name
Your girl... 13.SWITCH is when a girl with you have a date
\ Trades herself for a girl...

14.FIGHT PROVOKING is when a girl tries to incite
The anger....

15.PASSPORT is when to gain admission to a event or country
A girl uses a...

16.DOMESTIC PROBLEMS is when a girl lets you get in a fight
With her...

R.L.Wagner III