©Copyright R. L. Wagner III 1990
All Rights Reserved

In the VIET NAM WAR most enlisted men were brave and some of the others smart
But this was a I. UNION BUSTING II. DRUG DEALING III. ARMS GAME war from the start.
When President Kennedy was shot in L.B.J.'s home state in the city of Dallas
L.B.J. saw his chance to take over and build his own financial palace.
Yes, everyone knew John Kennedy wanted out of the Viet Nam War.
But also everyone knew Lyndon Johnson wanted to stay in the Viet Nam War.-

I.As L.B.J. used his Texas ranch to run illegal (Mexican)labor into the U.S.A.
In Vietnam he ran in RED CHINESE disguised as Vietnamese and made that pay.
Besides if people can be disguised as Puerto Ricans who are really from Mexico
Couldn't you disguise RED CHINESE as refugees from Vietnam and who would know?
And looking at the figures shown in the 1985 INFORMATION PLEASE ALMANAC.
They point out with a little thought a very interesting fact.
Over 60 million people came in the U.S.A. from 1967 to 1975 during the war.
And since Vietnam only has a population of 60 million one thing you can't ignore.
The others mus of come from RED CHINA, Mexico,or some other land
Where you can come up with numbers that are that large or grand.

II.In the Viet Nam War the world drug pushers bribed top government and military brass
For military contracts so they could stick drugs up the civilians and the military's seat.
Yes, the top political and military people found they could raise their pay
By allowing drugs to be sold to and from their soldiers in Viet Nam and the U.S.A.

III.In the war the Johnsons owned much of the defense plants and factories
So every U.S.A.destroyed weapon was billed to taxpayers for L.B.J.'s war fees.
So whether friend or foe shot down tanks, planes or ships of our own
Whatever the cost to Ameroican life, it made L.B. J. money if the truth be known.
Yes though many Americans lost their unions, non-addiction,and taxes to L.B.J.
Lyndon and a few others actually won the war by making it pay.
So the next time you are in Texas or in Johnson City
Show this poem to MrsL.B.J.and see if her smile is quite as pretty.
And if you are addicted to drugs as most Amreicans are by choice or other forces
Ask Mrs L.B.J.about Americas drug sources.************

Since this poem was written Mrs.Johnson passed away and had an"Invitation Only
Funeral".Unfortunately this did not allow for all of her many"fans" to attend.If you
wish to read the real banned book about L.B.J. get a copy of the book A TEXAN
LOOKS AT LYNDON by J.Evetts Haley, the book Mrs. Johnson bought off the book
shelf.This book and other information can be obtained at the Halley Library at 1805
Indiana Street in Midland Texas. But the real cherry on the cake for the real
constitutionalist was when he gave us the GUN CONTROL ACT OF 1968 that refused
the right to possess a firearm to felons (even though the constitution says it is an
unalienable right)so they can't possess firearms.Yes, MR. VIET NAM WAR was the
GREATEST GUN GRABBER in American history and could almost be called the
KENNEDY KILLER KING because became ***KING***(PRESIDENT)when John
KENNEDY was assassinated(KILLED) and had the most to gain from the assassination
which to this day is still full of questions and many unsolved murders and the Warren
(Supreme Court)Report too hard for the average man on the street to read.And President
Kennedy's brother Bobby Kennedy was also killed during L.B.J.'s term in 1968 making
it impossible for him as attorney general to purse the death of his brother.If this sounds
to much like fiction you might see OLIVER STONE'S(a real Viet Nam War Veteran
military hero) movie J.F.K.

R.L.Wagner III