© Copyright R. L. Wagner III 2003
All Rights Reserved

1.SONG SHARKS:Solicitors who advertise send us your money and/or uncopyrighted song,
Then take your money, ideas, words, or music and are gone.
2.PROSTITUTION :A music person who turns a beautiful woman singer into a harlot,
While promising someday as a singer she will get more than she's got.
3.PRIVATE:Seeing that a music business's ownership is hid or disguised,
P...So their
4.DRUG:Any member in the music business or your band who deals in drugs,
D...To get your crowd busted or addicted to make money for thugs.
5.TALENT:Where a producer uses a different artist, writer, facilities or set,
T Than you...
6.EXTRA:Telling artists that great material really is not good,
E...So they
7.PROMISED:When a person or producer tells an artist or group to pay,
P... For the production
8.CASHLESS:>Any artists or performers contract that is set up in such a way,
9.SONG:People usually with competitive potential talents in the business of song,
S...:Who ...
10.PHONY:When a producer or artist who claims they are good or great,
P...:Lies about ...
11.SCREW:Any studio that gives you high priced services or ones you don't need,
ST...:Or uses your...
12.NO SHOW:When a producer or artist or studio who shows they are hot to go,
Takes you...
13.GOVERNMENT:When you push a government entity to pay,
GOLD:For bad...
14.REAPPEARING:Distributing material that is altered, bought, stolen, or toned down,
R...:At another date and/or in another
15.TALENT:Using a company or contract to tie up a singer or a song,
TIE...:To see
16.POOR:When a studio doesn't give a recording session good talent or time,
PRODUCTION:Or produces all bad 'cuts' on the album and maybe only one that's fine.
18.BRING BACKER :When a producer says you need a financial backer for your song,
When your money and music is already very strong.