As a writer of what may become the world most popular and translated love poem, I had an idea, hunch, or revelation of what AIDS is: a fatal disease caused by people who don't really believe love makes the world goes round or give God the glory in living and loving right.

The best way to avoid AIDS is:
  1. Who don't monkey with the monkey dong the donkey or sleep with the sheep. (Commit bestiality)
  2. Sleep in the wrong bunky. (Fornication)
  3. Take blood that's funky. (Take bad blood)
  4. Become a punky. (Homosexual activities)
  5. Have folks that are skunkies. (Sins of parents visited upon children)
  6. Take anything from a junky. (Drunkenness i.e., drugs)
My four page poem on AIDS shows how every religion agrees on these teachings in their religious books. Only order if you feel you can handle this emotionally.

If you have the password (which I will give you if you request it in writing with a mail order) you may enter it here to view the full poem.