Walmart And China And N.Korea

Greetings Walton Family.I don't know if you have been watching the news as of late but N. Korea seems to be acting very cute with their missiles and China who you buy most of your non grocery items from seems to care less.I bet if you bought a similar item from or made in the USA you might get their attention.Not only that it would introduce a new item to your non grocery items called competition and you might get a better product that doesn't have planned obsolescence built in.Let's be fair and don't have a monopoly in the products you offer.If that product isn't made here start your own label as you did with your great value brands in grocery - a success. Try Sam's policy.Not only that it would be good from a possible war supply point of view.ALSO another idea for you.As USA trys to develop it transportion system maybe you can have amtrak rerouted Kansas City to Springfield & Branson,Mo.,Bentonville & Fayetteville,Ark., to Tulsa & Oklahoma City,Okla.then to Amarillo Texas & on to Alb.N.Mex.and not going through Kansas at all.This will eliminate much of your traffic and make a beautiful scenic route.(See you at the hot springs in Hot Springs.*)